Laura-Kristine Krause

Policy Fellow, Das Progressive Zentrum

Laura-Kristine Krause is the Head of the Programme ‘The Future of Democracy’ at Das Progressive Zentrum. She was a speaker at the 2017 'Populism and the Media' roundtable.



Final Report: Countering Populism and Political Disaffection

2017 | Dominic Schwickert, Laura-Kristine Krause, Sven Altenburger19 January 2018 | Dominic Schwickert, Laura-Kristine Krause and Sven Altenburger

In its project “Countering Populism and Political Disaffection”, Das Progressive Zentrum organised four roundtables to discuss recent populist challenges in Europe and innovative responses to them. Including more than 200 experts from science, civil society, media and politics, we are proud to present the final report of the project including ten strategical approaches against populism.

You can dowload the final report here. Please note that the report is in German language.