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Emilia Zankina


Emilia Zankina is an Associate Professor in Political Science and Provost at the American University in Bulgaria. She was a speaker at the first Countering Populism roundtable.



The 2017 Bulgarian Elections: A Dead-end Street?

28 April 2017 | Emilia Zankina
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The recent elections in Bulgaria mark Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s fourth consecutive victory. In order to continue his tenure, Borisov must form a new coalition: is a partnership with a right-wing populist party the inevitable solution, and is Bulgaria destined to have yet another unstable government?


Populism, radical right, and socialist nostalgia in Bulgarian politics

3 February 2016 | Emilia Zankina
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Similarly to trends across Europe, populism and radical right-wing politics have become an inextricable part of the political landscape in Bulgaria. Yet, some characteristics render the Bulgarian case unique and highlight its rather different underpinnings when compared to, on the surface, similar political phenomena in the East and the West. (more…)